Module 1: On-Line Assignments

All students need to complete these by the deadlines noted in the student checklist:
  1. Register for this self-paced Mountain Weather course and complete the quizzes for “Part 1: Foundation Topics” (and the other parts too if you have the additional time). On the initial registration form, enter AvyCourse@gmail.com under “Supervisor/Instructor E-mail” for automatic notification of your completion.
  2. Watch the powerful and educational documentary A Dozen More Turns -- just search on the film title to either watch on-line or to purchase a DVD (for only a few dollars). Write an essay (and submit in the format of a pdf file if you can) in which you identify at least three human/psychological factors that you think contributed to the incident, and in which you describe how you once succumbed to such a factor (in any context -- whether route selection in potential avalanche terrain or buying an item at the supermarket). Be prepared to deliver a very brief presentation on one of these factors at the Fall Session.
  3. Complete all 11 exercises at this route-founding tutorial, and take screen captures of all the successfully completed routes.

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