Student Checklist

If the below items are not received in their entirety on time, you will receive one warning email.
If the situation is not corrected immediately to the satisfaction of the instructors, your registration will be cancelled (with no refund) and you will not be allowed to attend the course.

Actions to be completed by at least two weeks before the Module 1 Fall Session:
  1. Complete required reading and send in completed review quiz.  (Complete this first -- otherwise, any order is fine for these assignments.)
  2. Complete mountain weather course and send in certificate.
  3. View A Dozen More Turns and send in essay.
  4. Complete route-finding exercises and send in screen captures.
  5. Prepare your full winter day pack (including avalanche gear gear if already acquired), dressed for whatever weather conditions are forecast for the day. In addition, students planning on Module 2 should bring on-snow travel gear for inspection.
Actions to be completed by at least one month before the Module 2 Winter Sessions:
  1. Complete Tux avy bulletin assignment.
  2. Complete western avy bulletin assignment.
  3. Email a picture of at least one beacon practice session.
  4. If not an NSP patroller, send proof of first-aid and CPR course.  (Try to get this out of the way before ski season.)
  5. As may be individually noted at the Fall Session, send description and/or pictures of any necessary gear acquired since then.
  6. Reserve AMC lodging [details pending]. Include dinner for both nights if arriving in time Friday evening (buffet from 6:00 to 8:00) -- if unsure, then reserve just lodging + breakfast for the first night and buy dinner a la carte if you arrive in time on Friday. If you have alternative nearby lodging for Friday night, then reserve dinner/lodging/breakfast for only Saturday night (required!) and plan to pay for breakfast Saturday morning (since we'll start off the day's agenda over breakfast together at 6:30 in the visitor center, with all our gear ready to go).
Actions to be completed by at least one week before the Module 3 Rescue Session:
  1. Complete this self-paced incident command course and email your FEMA Certificate of Achievement pdf file.
  2. Complete ski area avalanche rescue plan assignment.

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