Module 2: First Aid

If you are not an NSP patroller and certified Outdoor Emergency Care ("OEC") Technician, then you must have at least the typical two-day introductory first-aid and CPR course.

Better yet, take a Wilderness First Aid course, and even better, an Advanced Wilderness First Aid course.
Providers include:

The course will not discuss emergency care issues in any depth, but a basic understanding of these concerns is necessary to fully appreciate certain rescue aspects.
Also, anyone heading into the backcountry to ski (or to do pretty much anything else) should have some basic first-aid and CPR training.  (Here is an example of why.)
Plus seeking out specialized avalanche safety training is just kind of backwards if you haven't already received basic first-aid training.
 (Your credentials don't necessarily need to be current -- although a periodic refresher is a good idea in general -- but you should feel reasonably comfortable with CPR, bleeding control, and splinting.)

And consider trying to get this requirement out of the way before ski season starts!

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