Presidentials Maps

You can generate a custom topo map from this gpx file via many options, including:
  • Overlay the file on the plain USGS quad at the CalTopo website.
  • If you have a Garmin gps, then you can download free base maps from GPSFileDepot with Garmin's BaseCamp software.
  • For a smartphone, a touchscreen can be difficult or even impossible to manipulate in Mount Washington's typical winter weather.  But with that caveat aside, the Backcountry Navigator Android app offer the excellent option of "USTopo: Imagery with Markup" for a basemap combined with the gpx file.  (For the iPhone, Gaia GPS is probably the best choice.)
Note that the gpx file's various routes/tracklogs and waypoints are not meant to be followed blindly.
But still, with that warning aside, including them should be helpful for the course.  

For a quick overview of slope angles, you can download a Google Earth kmz overlay file with yellow 15-25 degrees, orange 25-35, red 35-45, and magenta > 45.
(Set the transparency slider to ~50%.)
And you can download a spreadsheet for aspects and elevations of individual lines.
This slope angle tool is another potentially useful resource.
Annotated pictures can also be downloaded for Oakes Gulf and Great Gulf.

And although not necessary for the course, here is a quick summary of the available commercially produced maps and guides for the area:

Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast
Third edition, and as always would be more accurately titled “the most obvious and well-known backcountry skiing, for which you don’t really need a guidebook anyway” ...
... but now apparently includes some additional information on the Northern Presidentials, plus the historical aspects are very well done.
(The author is mainly a political writer, and his sister is even a [relatively] well-known political radio broadcaster.)

White Mountain Guide
Hiking trails only, but super-detailed descriptions, so a great resource for trip planning.

AMC White Mountains Trail Map: Presidential Range
Made from waterproof/rip-proof tyvek (unlike the instantly shreddable paper maps that come with the trail guide book).

National Geographic Presidential Range & Map Adventures White Mountains Trail Map
Beautiful maps, and on waterproof/rip-proof material, but just too big & cumbersome overall for in-the-field use.
(Although then again could almost be used as an emergency bivy!)

Randolph Paths (RMC Guidebook with tyvek map) 
The definitive resource for the Northern Presidentials, which we’re *not* visiting during this course.
But if you ever do, you want this guidebook & map.

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